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Jon B Hall and Family

Jon B Hall and Family

For almost three decades, Jon B Hall has been building high quality homes in Hays and Travis Counties of Texas.  Founded in 2001, JB Hall Custom Homes started with several years of experience and the skills of a very select group of subcontractors, developing it into a company that would earn a reputation as a quality custom home builder.

            The great grandson of a home builder and the son of a structural engineer who designed highways and bridges for over 40 years, Jon Hall has been raised around construction since birth.  With an Associate’s Degree in Building Construction Technology from Texas State Technical College, a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Degree from Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State University), and years of experience working as a Construction Superintendent for various other builders, Jon B Hall has the knowledge, experience and integrity to build your dream home.

            Jon B Hall developed his career in the building industry with two respected Austin building companies. Today, as the company owner, he continues to personally oversee the construction on every new home.  Because Jon Hall was born and raised in the central Texas area, he is very familiar with the droughts, floods, wind and ice that a building must be able to endure in Texas.

            “The home building industry is and will always be evolving. Just like many other industries, it is always looking for a better material, a better method or more importantly in the past few years, a way to make a home more energy efficient. There have been some great new products that have come about in the past several years that I try to incorporate into the homes that I build. Material from better flooring to better roofing and everything in between that you can and cannot see, like thermal insulation, tankless water heaters, energy efficient air conditioners, windows and appliances. The list of changes in the home building industry for the past decade or two go on and on. We have all heard, "they don't build them like they used to", that is a good thing in the building industry because it keeps getting better. I know that every project that I undertake reflects upon my company’s and my personal reputation, therefore I take great leaps to ensure high customer satisfaction for many years.”
- Jon B Hall